Three Brothers Launches Our First Summer Class Session!

Three Brothers Theatre is proud to launch our first session of Summer classes. For many years, we have wanted to host a series of classes so that we may share our theatrical knowledge with kids in Waukegan, Lake County, and beyond.  Given the current circumstances, we are thrilled to offer two classes this Summer via Zoom.  We hope you enjoy these two classes and we invite your kids to join us online soon!


The 3B Radio Show

Using Zoom, we’ll create a one act radio play with our very own sound effects! First class, we can talk about what a radio play is, how sound effects were made, and brainstorm how we want to tell our story. We’ll create our own characters using different voices, we can bring a story to life and entertain for a final YouTube performance. Think of all the characters you ever wanted to play–now’s your chance!  Depending on the class size we’ll be performing Little Women by Louis May Alcott, Zero Hour by Ray Bradbury, or Beauty and the Beast.  We’ll meet two times a week until the last two weeks of the session when we’ll start meeting three times a week to prepare for our performance.


2:00pm – 3:00pm

6/22 – 7/31


Ages 10 and up

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Stage Write

Is your student an aspiring playwright or love to tell stories? We’ll practice writing by following a series of prompts each week using Zoom! Your student will hear about the ins and outs about playwrighting and developing a script. We will work through prompts related to each week’s lesson by writing a few sentences together during class. In a safe space, each student can read what they have written and give each other ideas for their own scripts. Think of it as a great sounding board for your creativity! Each student will write a ten minute play for a ten minute festival 3 Brothers will produce to showcase their work!


1:00pm – 2:00pm

6/22 – 7/31


Ages 12 and up

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