Theatres should be driven by artists.

At the heart of Three Brothers is the belief that theatres should be driven by artists. We do this by striving to be a place of opportunity, a place where artists can experiment with their craft, and a place that serves as an artistic home for many artists under our roof. Our theatre is driven by an incredible ensemble of actors, directors, designers, and more.

Three Brothers Theatre is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Waukegan, IL and as such we are governed by an incredible board of directors from many areas of our community.

Board of Directors

Unparalleled Governance

Three Brothers Theatre is a 501c3 nonprofit organization governed by an unparalleled board of directors

Karen Nystrom
Financial Planning Association
Mary Clare Jakes
Play in the Mud Studio
Tracy Adams
Josh Beadle
Executive Director/Founder
Mandy Dye
Jane Ferry
City of Waukegan
Claudia Freeman
Retired Superintendent of Cultural Arts
Waukegan Park District
Joe Fontaine
Anne Linn
Retired Attorney
City of Waukegan
David Motley
City of Waukegan
Dr. Michael Reed
Family Chiropractic and Sports Rehab

Playwrights Residency Program

Our first playwright residency launched at the end of 2018. These twelve playwrights will be involved with Three Brothers for the next two years. We’ll be featuring their plays in our Fresh Scripts reading series and at Stage 115.

Louis Arata
Ben Braun
DC Cathro
Michael Dalberg
Karen Nystrom
Zack Peercy
Richard Perry
Gerry Ringwald
Madelyn Sergel
Alexander Utz
Konner Wilson
Dan Zellner