With our new website and new season, we wanted to find new ways of taking you behind the scenes. Our new Actor Blog is a sneak peek into the actor’s process. Follow along as we get a recap of how an actor’s individual journey is going up until opening night.


This week, we are following Lauren Sheffey, who plays Actress #1 (3 different characters). Lauren approached her blog in a Twitter style format. Here are her “tweets”:


*Act 1 is done and memorized. Now just to start working on act 2. Can’t wait to get the script out of my hands and work on the nitty gritty!
 *I’m looking forward to get the rest of the cast and crew together on Saturday to start working on the scene changes! This play is going to be a workout! I already feel it in my abs.
*My default is usually to do funny and silly, but I have to learn to break that habit to get to a more real place with some of these characters. This play just gets deeper and deeper the more I think about it.