We’re tired. We’re tired of seeing people murdered because of racism. We’re tired of hearing excuses made to perpetuate racism and fear. We’re tired of seeing and hearing from our friends about the abuse and prejudice that they have experienced. We’re tired of feeling helpless that we cannot change the racism in our culture.

We’re sorry. We’re sorry that we haven’t acted sooner. We’re sorry that we haven’t been outspoken in the past. We’re sorry that we haven’t spoken when others have spoken out of turn in our presence. We’re sorry we haven’t acted until now. We’re sorry that we haven’t taken action.

We’re tired and we’re sorry, but the weight of those feelings are not close, not nearly close to what the black experience in America has been in the past and the present. We can all do better and we will do better.

Words are helpful, but only actions will make this change. We may be tired and we may be sorry, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be acting to change this. We may be a theatre company, but we will do our part.

For now, our hearts go out to the many people of color that have been murdered, their families, and the communities of color that are openly grieving and taking action to change our lives for the better right before our eyes.