A Comprehensive College Education in 90 Minutes or Less

Written by Richard W. Adams, Darreyl Atkins, and Joshua K Beadle
July 27th – August 18th, 2018
Shows at 7:30pm Friday and Saturday Nights
Run Time: 90m or less
Three Brothers Theatre Downstage
115 N Genesee Street

$20 General Admission
$15 Senior/Student
Tickets Right Here!

Never been to college?  No problem.  Avoid all the student loan debt by getting your degree at the Institute of Three Brothers Theatre (pronounced IT-BIT).  We’ll take you all the way from your college decision paralysis to your college graduation.  Freshman year? Welcome to the dorms.  Sophomore?  I haven’t decided what to with my life yet. Junior year?  I don’t remember my name.  Senior year?  Wait, I have how much student loan debt?  We’ll take you through all the ups and downs of the college experience.

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