A Comprehensive College Education in 90 Minutes or Less

Written by Richard W. Adams, Darreyl Atkins, and Joshua K Beadle
July 27th – August 18th, 2018
Shows at 7:30pm Friday and Saturday Nights
Run Time: 90m or less
Three Brothers Theatre Downstage
115 N Genesee Street

$20 General Admission
$15 Senior/Student
Tickets Right Here!

Never been to college?  No problem.  Avoid all the student loan debt by getting your degree at the Institute of Three Brothers Theatre (pronounced IT-BIT).  We’ll take you all the way from your college decision paralysis to your college graduation.  Freshman year? Welcome to the dorms.  Sophomore?  I haven’t decided what to with my life yet. Junior year?  I don’t remember my name.  Senior year?  Wait, I have how much student loan debt?  We’ll take you through all the ups and downs of the college experience.

This show does contain themes and plot points involving extreme alcohol usage and generally poking fun of the institution of colleges and universities.

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