The cast and creative team for Spring Awakening have created a great shape of the show in preparation for a designer run that came a little earlier than usual standards. Now that the team is delving into more specificity and working on individualized moments during rehearsals, blog posts from our three writers may deviate from what you’ve read so far. We are excited and inspired by the creativity coming from our Spring Awakening bloggers! This week, Mary Rose Nicholas explores the theme of colors in the show, the emotions or feelings they evoke and the songs that explore these colors. Keep reading to find out more about this fascinating topic! 


The Colors of Spring Awakening


  1. Silver: Precious. The color of inner dreams and a lover’s voice.
  2. Blue: Emotion. The color of sadness, loneliness, but more so of longing.
  3. Purple: Evolution. When warmth is added to the color blue, allowing it to ripen.
  4. Bruises: Created by touch. Cannot always be seen, but sometimes blue, purple, or both.


“Bitch of Living”



“‘Help me out –out– of this nightmare’

Then I heard her silver call.”


“‘Oh, we’ll work that silver magic,

Then we’ll aim it at the wall.’”


“The Word of Your Body”


Wendla and Melchior

“Oh, I’m gonna bruise you.

Oh, you’re gonna be my bruise.”


“Mirror Blue Night”


Male Company

“The naked blue angel, who peers through the blinds,

Disappears in the gloom of the mirror blue night.”


“With a flick of the light…with fingers so blind,

 You remove every bit of the blue from your mind.”


“The Guilty Ones”


Wendla and Melchior

“And now our bodies are the guilty ones

Who touch, and color the hours.”



“Huge and dark, oh our hearts

Will murmur the blues from on high,

Then whisper some silver reply.”


“I Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind”



“You’re slowin’ by the riverside

Or floatin’ high and blue.

“Or, maybe, cool to be a little summer wind.”



“Spring and summer,

Every other day,

Blue wind gets so sad.”


“Spring and summer,

Every other day,

Blue wind gets so pained.”


“Spring and summer,

Every other day,

Blue wind gets so lost.”





“Harvest moon over the blue land;

Summer longing on the wind.”


“Those You’ve Known”



“They whistle through the lonely wind,

The long blue shadows falling.”


“The Song of Purple Summer”



“A summer’s day,

A mother sings

A song of purple summer

Through the heart of everything.”



“And all shall know the wonder.

I will sing the song of purple summer.”