Fresh Scripts Reading Series

By the 3B Resident Playwrights

Featuring hot and fresh new scripts from all of the 3B Playwrights-in-Residence,  Fresh Scripts is our new reading series featuring a new play (almost) each month through 2020.  Check out the lineup below and encounter a new story you’ve never heard.  All readings are FREE and open to the public.  There is no assigned seating or reservations so show up early to ensure you get a seat!  Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the 2020 series!

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Falling Off a Horse

by Karen Nystrom
Directed by Kyle David Perry

January 24-25

Ray is the stepson of Benny and they have lived in a small town all their lives. Benny and Ray are on adventure that starts out normal-ish enough. They have just ridden horses and come back to a spa in Wisconsin for massages and pedicures. Then they travel in transformed memories which may or may not be true. The unreliable narrator is at play. Ray must come to face his earlier self and what he may want to make his final self. Ray thinks he’s trying to help Benny, until meets his hard-bitten mom.


Sweet Jane

by Dan Zellner

February 15-16

Jane, a 27 year old woman with progressive political views, undergoes brain surgery.  The surgery is for the most part a success except for the fact that she is now, suddenly, a rabid conservative Republican.  How do her loved ones cope with her new political identity?  A comedy that asks the question how much do our political beliefs shape our lives?


Down the Rabbit-Hole

by Richard Reardon

March 7-8

In the basement of Wonderland Productions Alastair Liddell follows a similar path as his great-great grandmother  Alice Liddell, the famed Alice of “Alice in Wonderland”,  down the proverbial rabbit-hole. In a dystopian future where abortion has been made illegal Alastair and his girlfriend Bunny must face the unimaginable costs of choice.


Greetings From the Moon

by Zack Peercy

April 11-12

Zack Peercy presents a reading of his one-act play “Greetings From The Moon” followed by a world premiere screening of Major Anxiety Pictures short film adaptation of the script.



by DC Cathro

May 30-31

Seventeen year old Vee discovers something strange inside a small box, and embarks on a dangerous search for the owner.


Your New Essential Audio-Visual Guide to Living in the Future.

by Alexander Utz

August 15-16

A group of actors record a series of cheery informational videos about how to survive in the modern world. But do they actually believe in the life they’re promoting? And if not, can they do anything about it?


Our House

by Michael Dalberg

September 26-27

After his brother and sister-in-law are killed in a plane explosion, Titus and his remaining family members convene to decide how to mourn and move on. In this adaptation of TITUS ANDRONICUS, Titus and Tamora lead a mafia family that quickly turns on its own, as each one vies to take control and define whose house it truly is.



by Ben Braun

October 3-4

They’re living under surveillance of their own accord, prioritizing hedonism over ethics, and never stopping to ask for advice along the way…

When a mysterious hidden website is discovered offering videos that twenty-two year old Will finds disturbing–yet alluring–a cycle of paranoia and anxiety begins to cloud the judgement of those closest to him.

A play about iPhones, over-the-counter drugs, superficial attraction, and living in the end times.