May 19 & 20

L-Theory Collective Dance

L-Theory Collective Dance presents Through the Eyes of an Artist The performance celebrating life through dance, music and poetry.


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$10 General Admission


May 19
7:30 pm

May 20

2:00 pm

Stage 221

221 N Genesee Street
Waukegan, IL 60085

About the L-Theory Collective Dance

Founded in 2013 by dance artists Lamaiya Lancaster, Carrie Holmes, Mallory Rubin, Alana Fuchs, Kristine Blitek, and Tierney Darden, L-Theory has continued to exhibit dynamic athleticism and emotive artistic integrity through their choreographic endeavors and interdisciplinary collaborative works with composer musicians and theatrical dance film artists and videographers combining live dance performance with live music and cutting-edge technological videography. This performance work is an extension of the company’s dedication to inclusion to community engagement in the art of Dance which is realized through community-based dance workshops and collaborative performances with dance artists from across the country.