Aug 13th through 28th

By Eric Bogosian

Cleveland’s controversial Shock Jock Barry Champlain is on the cusp of fame as his nightly talk radio show is about to hit national syndication. The big wigs are here to find out if he’s ready for the leap. But too far may be too far tonight as Barry insults every single listener throughout the evening no matter what may happen to him. Outrage is the order of the day.

This production will be an AUDIO-ONLY performance and all attendees will be provided with a link on the evening of the event or sooner.

Please be advised that this performance does include content that may be sensitive to some listeners including racism and transphobia. These views are not shared by the performers or the theatre.


Rated R

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Aug 13th through 28th
7:30 pm
Fridays and Saturdays


3B will send you a link the night of the performance.

About the Playwright: Eric Bogosian

You’ve probably seen Eric Bogosian on Law and Order.  However, before his time on television, Bogosian was a playwright and performer Off-Off Broadway.  Bogosian wrote, directed, or starred in over sixteen productions Off-Off Broadway.  Talk Radio was a Pulitzer nominee and adapted to a feature film

About the Director: Tanner Garren

Tanner Garren is beyond ecstatic, if not a little apprehensive about his first (finished) directorial feat. Growing up in a place where show business didn’t exist outside of television and old 30s radio shows, coming to Chicago and working with a company like Three Brothers’ is more than what he could have asked for coming into a world where show business can exist and production is a regularly talked about subject. That being said; after getting a taste of a world without show business again in 2020, he’s happy to have found an outlet to bring an audience together for a well written and, in his opinion, educational show that will hopefully give some kind of spark to the minds of his audience.

You may have seen Tanner in Three Brothers’ production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Other shows from his repertoire include Peter and the Starcatcher, Vigils, Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and The Whipping Man


Tanner would like to thank his parents; all of them, especially the Wilson’s for their love and support, his friends for all their support and, frankly, tolerance of his ramblings about shows and media, Jay Stephen for turning this show into more than what Tanner could have imagined and finally his friends at Three Brothers’ Theatre for giving him this opportunity to take whatever creativity he has and do something with it.