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Welcome to Three Brothers Theatre. We have so much to share with you this season! From small dramas to big comedies, we’ve got something just for you. Join us for the chills, thrills, and feels as we entertain you with theatre all year long!

Somebody's Child

by Ben Braun

Dan and Jan are married, and they aren’t happy. They fight every day, they know their respective habits, and manipulation is only half of the fun. In the midst of an especially aggravated talk one morning, Jan finds the unthinkable: an infant child in the kitchen cereal cabinet. Somebody’s child has entered their home. But whose? And why? As their happiness together seems to have faded, this couple will need to confront their own hard truths in order to move forward with any potential peace in the face of a terrifying situation.

Somebody's Child
October 4th through 26th
Fridays and Saturdays
Stage 115


Chicago Onstage
"..."Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” is Raucous, Raw Entertainment Everyone in the cast seems to be having a wonderful time telling this farcical tale of a contentious administration in an era in which we are dealing with a similarly contentious one. It is both a mirror to our current volatile political environment and a reminder that this disputation is nothing new: America has been dealing with it since the country was founded. "
Andrea Trusty
"People are very down to earth , nice , accommodating and genuine. Acting was fantastic. Nice smaller theater where you feel like your front row even if your not! Definitely would recommend."
Michael Ryan
"Intimate venue to see excellent live performances, go support local theatre."
Dina Mozzhukina
"Very good theater with very talented cast. Every time I discover something new there and every time the theater surprises me with a new play. . I love their sketches, musicals and the real theater atmosphere. I would highly recommend this place to anyone."

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