Welcome to Three Brothers Theatre! We’re an ensemble of artists exploring the incredibly vast world of theatre.  We operate two venues in downtown Waukegan: Three Brothers Upstage and Three Brothers Downstage.  Our mission is to create theatre that is different, vital, and (mostly) fun.  We hope that you’ll join us for a laugh, a cry, or maybe just a thought.

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At the heart of Three Brothers is the belief that theatres should be driven by artists.  We’re building something around our ensemble and creating a place where artists can experiment rather than building the reputation of a company.

We believe in ten fundamental, theatrical values:
That theatres are artists.  Artists are people.  People are theatres.
That theatre should be intimate.
Theatre is family and we perform in our home.
It’s called a play for a reason.
upport artists instead of limiting them.
urprise audiences instead of limiting them.
Open the door.  Open the door again.  Keep opening the door.
Bite off more than you can chew.
Theatre will happen anywhere.
Do not, do not, do not make boring theatre.

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